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Living the moment with determination is to paint vibrant colors in a plain canvas. Every step you take despite how colossal it is marks a legacy of hard work. Therefore there is no time to spare for idle practices and start the chapter by filling it with the extraordinary platforms in mind.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

They serve as our instructor for both pain and joy wherein we grow fond of the things that are out of our comfort zones. We try and we fail but that does not mean we have to put an end to what we have executed from the start. Efforts have no space for containment. It is a mere fact that molds us to be shaped with firm foundation when tragedy interferes.


View Life From The Highest Peak

If you do not engage yourself towards the mysteries that surround the world, you will never know what amazing things that awaits in the future.


1.) Your Unending Goals

It does not matter how small or big your goal is because the thing is you begin with what you feel and that element in you will never stop the motivation it brings.


2.) Enduring The Pain

You are absolutely strong and that is the worth of holding back the bad feeling you hide deep inside. Showing a frown in the face, tears that fall softly in the eyes, hurtful remark are a reaction from how long it has been for you to bear the cross in your shoulders. But in the end, pain will vanish and all your accomplishments will be a fruitful reward.


3.) The Role You Play After Your Success

At this pace you begin to ponder everything you have been through. The whole experience was an exhausting one but the sweat and tears were worth risking for. All you can do is think of how amazing you are for doing a great job despite the uncertainties that keeps bothering your soul.


The moment is all yours so own it. Spotlight, stage and the audience waits for another of your milestone. There is more in life to unravel so hold on tight because today is the key for an endless tomorrow.